The "Dostyk" Hotel has not only a long history of its existence, but also is the first Kazakhstani hotel, awarded the title of a 5-star hotel.

The history of the hotel dates back to 1983, which in itself is comparable to the history of a whole generation. From the very first day of its creation, Dostyk has become a venue for reception of high-ranking officials, leaders of foreign states, heads of international organizations.

The building was designed according to the individual design project of the architect Yu. G. Ratushny, it is equipped with high-quality materials. Massive columns, high ceilings, narrow corridors, spacious halls and rooms have become outstanding features of the hotel. In the late 1980s, the "Dostyk" hotel was included in the list of protected objects of construction and architecture of the city of Almaty.

In 1991, "Dostyk" was renamed into the Kazakh-American joint venture, in connection with which, the building was reconstructed. The interiors were designed by American designers, hotel staff trained in Tucson, Arizona.

In 1999-2006, the reorganization of the enterprise management structure was carried out, new departments and new services were introduced, which allowed the hotel to win love and fame among representatives of foreign companies, embassies, famous researchers and many others.

In the period from 2007 to 2009 the hotel was completely reconstructed and received the status of 5-stars. The building retained the appearance of the architectural monument of the heyday of Soviet industrialism, while the 72 rooms of the Hotel are designed in the style of European minimalism. The Hotel has its own SPA center, with an indoor swimming pool, saunas, hot tub, gyms and massage rooms. In 2009, at the European Business Assembly "Leaders of the XXI Century" the "Dostyk" Hotel was awarded the International Quality Mark "The Higher Test". The new interior and new services provided in the hotel, as well as the long history of the hotel, contributed to the fact that in the same 2009 the "Dostyk" hotel was awarded the title "Architectural monument of the late XX century."

Keeping the best traditions, carrying the wind of the past, now the hotel together with the fifth star has found a new content, embodies the comfortable interior of the XXI century under the roof of the legendary Dostyk. The "Dostyk" Hotel, majestic and monumental outside, it embodies the spirit of the Eurasian steppes inside - space, soulfulness, generosity.

"Dostyk" - exquisite hotel in a prestigious district.

"Dostyk" is the pearl in the crown of the southern capital of Kazakhstan.





Become the top choice and guest recognition by combining the best traditions and new trends.


1. Soulfulness - we put our soul into everything we do and produce

2. Responsibility - we take social, corporate and legal responsibility seriously

3. Perfection - we always strive for new knowledge, whether it be development of personnel or introduction of modern information technologies

4. Traditions - we highly value our own traditions and respect the cultural customs of our guests even more

5. Professionalism - we value knowledge and experience and transfer them with pleasure, creating a team

6. Cohesion - we see the true integrity of the service delivery process in cohesion,  cohesion is the key element of making our guests happy

7. Environment - we strive to reduce the burden on our environment, therefore we appreciate any ways to optimize the process of water and energy consumption. Awareness of responsibility for the world around us further motivates us to fulfill our mission and objectives.
How to find us


36, Kurmangazy str., 050021

Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan,

Phone:  +7 727 254 05 50

Mobile number: +7 777 333 34 16

Fax: +7 727 2724765

E-mail: info@dostyk.kz, reservation@dostyk.kz

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